Senior Section

The Senior Section meets every Thursday from the end of September to mid April.  Ladies and Gents are welcome.
A 15 hole Stableford League competition is held where the player with the best 6 scores over the season wins the trophy. Members assemble for a draw at 9.30.
At present we have three away days at other courses where we play for a 36 and 18 hole trophies. Currently we play matches with 2 other golf clubs.
In May we have a 3 day trip to the Borders or wherever where the survivor tends to win.

Away Days

Thursday 22nd February the second round of the 16 hole Trophy. Tee off at 10.30 am at Portpatrick Dunskey.

Thursday 22nd March - 18 Hole Trophy to be played at Powfoot Golf Club. Tee off at 10.20 am

New Galloway Golf Club Seniors’ Section Annual Meeting.


Members present:  Dave Aitken, Ian Brown, John Crallan, Johnnie Dowswell, Brian Duguid,  Jackie Duguid, Terry Haine, Roddy Hermon, Mike Jackson, Larry Jones, Marina McClyment, Ian McCulloch, Ian McIlvenna, Jim McPhee, Dave Nielsen, Brian Porteous, Erica Porteous, Stuart Rhodes, Derek Shipley, and Wave Tyrrell.

Agenda Item 1 – Chairman’s welcome.

Wave Tyrrell opened the meeting at 9.30 am, explaining that in the absence of an elected convener he would chair the meeting.  He welcomed those present.

Agenda Item 2 - Apologies.

Apologies were received from Tom Leach, Jim Morrison, Elena Rogers, Les Rogers and Jeff Sutcliffe.

Agenda Items 3 & 4 – Minutes of 2015 AGM and matters arising.

The minutes were proposed for adoption by Dave Neilsen and seconded by Derek Shipley.  There were no matters arising.

Agenda Item 5 – Chairman’s report.

The Chairman read a report to the meeting outlining the section’s activities and events.  A copy is appended.

Agenda Item 6 – Treasurer’s report.

Jackie Duguid presented a report that showed the section’s finances to be healthy, although less so than last year: it has a bank balance of £448.52.  The meeting agreed with Wave Tyrrell’s proposal , seconded by Brian Duguid, that the section donate £200 to the club funds, and that subscriptions remain unchanged.  

Jackie’s report was adopted.

Agenda Item 7 – Election of office bearers.

The chairman reported that since Jeff Sutcliffe stood down last year the post of convener had remained unfilled.   Derek Shipley informed the meeting that he wished to stand down as match secretary.  Jackie agreed to continue as treasurer.   Wave asked for nominations to fill the necessary offices.  As convener, Dave Aitken was proposed by Dave Neilsen and seconded by Wave Tyrrell.  As secretary, Ian McIlvenna was proposed by Jackie Duguid and seconded by John Crallan.  As match secretary, Wave Tyrrell was proposed by Terry Haine and seconded by John Crallan.  Dave Neilsen was proposed by Wave Tyrrell and seconded by Ian McIlvenna to organize the spring trip.  There being no other proposals, these nominations were agreed by the meeting.

Agenda Item 8 - Christmas lunch.

It was agreed by the meeting that the lunch be held on 14th December 2017 and that the necessary arrangements be made at a later date.  Jackie would co-ordinate the preparations.

Agenda Items 9 – League format.

After discussion it was agreed the league format remain unchanged.

Agenda item 10 - Away days.

Following discussion the following away days were agreed:

1.  Thursday 19th October 2017 – Lochmaben;

2.  Thursday 22nd February 2018 – Portpatrick; and

3.  Thursday 22nd March 2018 – Powfoot.

It was further agreed that Glenluce be substituted should any of the nominated courses be unavailable or unplayable.

Agenda Item 11 – Matches.

The match secretary intimated that the 2018 match against Kirkcudbright would be held at New Galloway Golf Club.  He reported that the arrangements would be communicated to the members.

Agenda Item 12 – Roddy Hermon Cup

It was agreed that the 2018 competition for this trophy should he held on the first Thursday of the 2018/19 season.

Agenda item 13 – Borders trip.

Dave Neilsen intimated that he would consult those involved, consider optios and communicate these to members.

Agenda Item 14 – Any other business.

There being no items raised the chairman closed the meeting.