New Galloway Golf Club has an friendly, active Ladies section. We welcome new members whether you are a complete beginner or a ‘returner’.

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Playing Times

During the winter (September to March) we play in a Winter League on Saturdays. We meet up in time to tee off at 10.00. 

We draw for playing order and usually go out groups of 2’s and 3’s.

In summer (March to September) we play on Wednesday mornings – though sometimes a few go out in the afternoon instead. 

We draw for teeing order and start teeing off at 10.00.

We play monthly medals throughout the year – usually around the first week in the month (though check the calendar below for exact dates).

Latest Ladies News

Competition Calendar

Competition Results

We don’t publish our Winter League results online. You can see the latest Winter League results and standings in the Ladies locker room.

Our published results can be found on Master Scoreboard…

New Rules 2019

In January we’d a short session on the new rules of golf introduced for 2019. 

You can see the full official presentation on the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) website: CLICK HERE TO GO TO SGU WEBSITE, or

Click “Presentation Deck for Members” to download the presentation

Click “Communicating with your Members (50 minutes)” to see a video of the SGU presentation.


Handicap List

Here’s our latest listing of members’ handicaps.

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