Seniors Away Day 2:2016

Congratulations to our convenor Jeff for organising a splendid day with among other things were individual team forms for the meal. Portpatrick golf club did us proud. The day was as good as you get in February with no wind or rain, a rarity these days.

The last thing Jeff said to me on leaving was not to have another upset with the results after what happened at Glenluce on Tuesday. CORRECTION _ Ian MCIlvenna would have won by virtue of a better inward six and a handicap of 28 rather than the 27 recorded on his card from Brian Duguid. So Brian is the winner. The rule is that a player is responsible to ensure that the handicap recorded on his scorecard is correct. If it is higher than his handicap, and that affects the number of strokes he receives, he is disqualified from the competition. If it is lower than his handicap, his score stands [Rule 6-2b]. Indeed it was a really close scoring day with 4 on 33 points and 3 on 32 points. See the Detailed Result.

Well done Terry who as normal kept a steady round in winning the 36 Hole Trophy. (more…)

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