Ladies Winter League –  Dreich!

Ladies Winter League – Dreich!

Let me climb down from the naughty step long enough to write up┬álast week's golf report. At least you know it should be short as there's only so much one can glean from the photos' metadata and the scorecards!   I *do* remember arriving at the club in the teeming rain, feeling like I wasn't operating at peak efficiency. I dashed inside and put on the kettle on in a vain attempt to divert everyone onto tea and biscuits. Sadly, they were all made of far sterner stuff and I was shortly out on the course, hacking my way round.…

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Ladies Winter League – Frosty the Golfer

Only three members were nails enough to take on the deep frost challenge yesterday. Determined to bag some valuable Winter League points enjoy a beautiful morning's golf, we paused briefly for a cuppa to allow the course to defrost a bit. It was so cold, even Kay took a hot drink (no, not hot coke, who asked that?) Then we set off into dazzling sun, risking potential frost-blindness.   Having spent an inordinate amount of the time on the first searching for white balls, Kay very kindly lent Elena & I a yellow ball each to help speed up play.…

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